Hippy Christian.

What does that mean?

The word hippy for a lot of Christians conjures up rebellion, explicit sexuality, and a disdain for morality.

When I think of the word hippy I am reminded of a group of young people who were not convinced the establishment had things right and were unwilling to go along quietly. They were not afraid to raise their voices and call out that something was not right and that things were not being done in a way that promoted peace, love, hope, or faith.

The word Christian for a lot of people in the world conjures up images of exclusion, judgement, and the ability to turn people away from Jesus simply because of how they behave.

When I think of the word Christian I am reminded of a Jesus who loved the outcast and tried to mostly ignore politics and hierarchy. He touched the unclean and chose women & men with a past to help with his anti-establishment message. He died for all…not just for those who think he chose them and only them.

I’m certain of some things and unsure about others. But what I know for sure is that I’m open to learning because that is how I believe faith, hope, & love work.


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  1. Hi – I like your blog. You sound like a soul mate! I want to recommend a book that you might like. I used to think that Jesus “ignored politics,” too, but looking at his time and his culture, it’s pretty fascinating how in-your-face he was in many ways. Check out Brian McLaren’s book, The Secret Message of Jesus. You might like it! And check out my Easter blog – I think you’ll like that, too!


    I stumbled on some comments you made on a Freshly Pressed blog and loved the name of your blog. As I say, very sypmatico w/ my beliefs. Blessings-

    • Funny…I have a copy of McLaren’s book and just haven’t gotten to it yet. His book “A Generous Orthodoxy” really turned things around for me and started me thinking in a new direction.

      Enjoyed your Easter list! Thanks for sharing. Let’s keep track of one another. 🙂

      • I think there’s a chapter in the book about the political Jesus or something like that. I know, I loved Generous Orthodoxy – he is an amazing thinker (and all around good guy)!
        Thanks for following my blog!

  2. Hello Hippy Christian. Just thought you’d like to know I came upon your site and found it very fresh and positive. Liked they ‘groovy’ graphics/theme. Bless you with lots of joy and love.

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