Enough: Failing at Multiple Choice


If you are like your sister…
 …you’ll be fine
      …I’ll be disappointed
            …you’ll be in trouble

Can you believe your friend…
…gets away with acting like that
      …has been so successful
           …is so beautiful

Girls can’t be…
     …in the military

Fat/Skinny/Tall/Short/Black/Asian/White/Lesbian/Trans girls can’t be…

If you dress like that you’l be…
   …too slutty
         …too boring
               …too ugly
                     …too pretty to be taken seriously

When you are communicating try not to be too…
  …aggressive because it makes people uncomfortable
        …stupid because people will think you are an airhead
              …sweet because people will take advantage of you
                    …direct because people don’t like it when a woman is so sure of herself

Every woman can identify with failing one of these multiple choice tests. Every woman can probably also identify times when she’s given one of these tests to a mother, daughter, sister, friend, coworker, boss, employee, or stranger.

And yet…we all get the same grade when we take this test.


The next time you start to give yourself the test…STOP! Remind yourself that you are imperfect…but you are Enough

The next time you start to pass judgment on another woman…KNOCK IT OFF! Offer some grace and remember that she is Enough!

And I know people won’t like this but, the next time you run across a female movie star, musician, writer, artists, politician, etc. that you decide deserves your cynical assessment of her looks, actions, words simply because “she put them out there”, remember that (a) she is a human being made in the image of the Divine and (b) others are listening to your choice of words in passing judgment and shrinking back from placing their trust in you…be Enough of a friend, fan, human, woman to extend mercy

Instead of failure…hurt…comparison…fear…and judgement receiving the failing grade, offer a better grade:

Letter E - flower alphabet isolated on white


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