One Word Resolution: Enough!


I say this every year… I love New Years! It’s one of my favorite holidays.

I love the fresh start of a new year. I love the night of fun before. I love that there is one more holiday after Christmas (and before the grind begins again) that doesn’t involve me having to buy anything but drinks.

And I have always LOVED making resolutions. I could go pull any of the journals since I was 12 and find a list of resolutions. I love lists. I love planning to make positive changes in my life. I love the introspection and hope of it all. I love measuring successes against my plan.

Then comes March. Or work. Or a death. Or a move. Life happens and my resolutions get worked on here and there…sporadically…and some happen and others don’t. In some cases I feel good about the progress over the year. While in other cases I look back and realize that my goal was…
too ambitious…
or not in alignment with the season of my life…
or someone else’s goal that I was trying to live up  to…
or that my life changed after it was made  and I didn’t adjust the resolution.

This year I’ve decided to follow the OneWord365 principle (see Choose just one word that sums up who I am and/or how I want to live. One word that I can focus on every day, all year long. Then watch it shape both my year and me.

So with that in mind I have come to the conclusion that my word has been picking me for months!

First I took an online e-course where I had to write this on my hand:


Then one of my dear best friends Chad bought me this lovely bracelet for Christmas: 1504045_10151980059531107_103147232_n

So it seems obvious to me now that my One Word for the next 365 is:


I am enough!
There is enough love, joy, talent, success, peace, work, value, respect, and grace to go around for everyone…including me
When things get out of hand…I can stop the world from spinning by saying “Enough”
When others offer me love and friendship…I will gladly accept, return what I have to offer, and  it will be enough
When I have successes…the joy will overflow with enough
And when I fail…the sadness will reach its end and be enough
Through it all…I AM ENOUGH!


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      • I chose “now.”
        No more dwelling on what ifs, the past or even the future. No more wondering when this or that will change. I wanna be fully present in the now, live in the now, and be thankful for the right nows.

      • Very nice!
        I sometimes remember the Priscilla Shirer lecture where she talked about the verse “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more…” and she talked about how God can do anything NOW. That we should ask NOW and see what he does or chooses not to do NOW. 🙂 Good stuff! She expands on this in her book God is Able.

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