The Little Girl & the Ladybug…


Once there was a little girl…

She was funny.
She was sweet.
She loved her sisters.
She loved animals.
She was smart.
She was sassy.

And she was vulnerable and an easy target.

Over the course of 5 years she went inside her own head. Roamed around in her own thoughts. Felt invisible. Was fearful and unsure. She was damaged but unbroken. That little girl’s name is Leah…but she calls herself LeLiLu because that is the singsong nickname her Dad has called her since before she can remember.

There is a woman…

She is funny.
She is kind.
She has grace.
She loves her cats.
She is intelligent.
She is capable.

And she is courageous and safe.

A year ago a ladybug landed on her hand while she was standing at the front door of her new home. She decided that day that any time she saw a ladybug she would stop, share a gratitude with the Holy Spirit, and smile. What she found is that ladybugs are everywhere. Sometimes they’d land on her or being on a plant in her home. Sometimes they would show up in a picture. Sometimes they’d be on a peice of jewelry or the side of a bus or as a barrette in a child’s hair.

Ladybugs are a sign of spiritual enlightenment, fearlessness, wishes fulfilled, rebirth, and feminine strength.

The little girl…LeLiLu
The woman…a lady bug



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